FREE foundation inspections – we will carefully examine your structure to diagnose exactly the cause of your foundation problem. Many factors go in to this evaluation but we won’t propose a remedy until we know what is causing the issue. Foundation movement (vertical or horizontal) leaves distinct clues – we observe, measure, ask the questions and get the facts first! We also check for plumbing leaks which are oftentimes the source of your settlement issue.

  • Importantly, we will tell you if foundation repairs are NOT needed! It could be that you just need help with maintenance issues like root barriers, water drainage or watering. We offer solutions, not just expensive house leveling services.
  • Evaluate alternatives – there are many potential options for fixing your foundation problem including various underpinnings, piers, jacks and anchors; we’ll evaluate these options to factor in your specific soil, water and foundation conditions. There are advantages and disadvantages to each and we will tailor our review to your particular needs.
  • Proposed solution – we will present the best, proven solution available from our company and others (as necessary) to permanently solve the problem. This will include a detailed breakdown of the costs involved. Of course, we will also discuss financing options.
  •  Schedule the work – we will work with you to schedule the work to accommodate your special needs.

Should You Fix Your Foundation?

At Houston Foundation Pros, our philosophy is simple: fix it now because it will only get worse with time! The sad reality is that if you have a foundation problem, you are going to pay for it one way or the other…either to fix it now or in a much lower resale value later on.

Home owners experiencing foundation problems can call and schedule a FREE Foundation Inspection and estimate any time. One of our representatives will visit your home or property and perform a complete inspection inside and outside the home or building. We will also create a diagram with elevation readings that will document the areas of settlement and / or upheaval.


Bell Bottom Piers offer permanent Foundation Repair.

This photo illustrates the difference between the foot or footprint of two common foundation repair methods. Notice that one method is 13 times larger in surface area.


Interior Sheetrock cracks are caused by movement of the clay soils underneath the slab foundation. Find an experienced foundation repair contractor to level and stabilize the concrete slab.

Severe cracks on the walls are due to foundation problems and will only get worse with time. Schedule a Free Inspection with Houston Foundation Pros and let us fix your foundation issues.

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