Root Barrier Installation


The purpose of a root barrier installation is to provide a physical underground wall that will protect your foundation from tree root damage. This is a great option for long-term foundation maintenance and is often useful in foundation repair projects.

Root Barriers for Foundation Repair

The correct installation for root barriers is to trench parallel and immediately adjacent to your foundation in the areas affected by tree roots. Sometimes it is desired to place this barrier around the entire foundation because it also acts to stabilize the moisture content of the expansive clay soils found in the South Texas area.

As described by Dr. William C. Welsh of Texas A&M University:

“ The need for root barriers is related to the fact that expansive clay soil shrinks as it dries out. Any structure that expansive clay soil is supporting will move downward as the soil dries and shrinks. If the soil dries on one side of the structure and not the other, the soil shrinks where it has dried and remains expanded where it has not dried, causing the structure to experience differential settlement. Differential settlement can cause serious damage to a structure.”

The modern root barrier is made with a specialty plastic material that is designed to withstand the heavy stresses and loads caused by tree root suction as well as soil and water movement. Here is an example from one of the popular vendors:


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