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A house foundation is often ignored until a serious issue happens and foundation repair is needed. But, like any trouble, foundation issues tend to get more costly when ignored. We recognize that for many people your home is your greatest investment and for that reason, if you are experiencing foundation failure and damage to your home it can be a scary situation. We have the expertise and equipment to precisely examine the state of your foundation. And we can offer insight on how to minimize the risk of future troubles with your home’s slab foundation or pier and beam foundation. Because of our exceptional quality work, we are recognized as a leading foundation repair company in the Greater Houston area. So if you are looking for house leveling services and / or foundation repair services, please contact us today.

Our Foundation Repair Methods

At Houston Foundation Pros, we are a team of proficient professionals dedicated to resolving your foundation issues. If you have been experiencing any signs of foundation failure in your home, please contact us to discover exactly how we can address your foundation problems.

Signs of Foundation Problems

If you see signs of foundation problems in your home (see list below) then you should take action to stop the damage from getting worse. The following are a few of the most typically seen foundation issues we have actually seen in Houston houses leading to a need for foundation repair services.

Causes of Foundation Failure

cracks in drywall from shifting foundation


  • Hot and dry weather conditions will cause Houston’s clay soils to shrink dramatically and to pull away from the slab foundation. Settlement due to this foundation moisture imbalance could cause cracks to appear throughout the structure.


  • Tree roots could dehydrate the soil beneath a home causing soil shrinkage and settlement of the concrete foundation.

Plumbing Leaks

  • Water from broken plumbing pipes under the concrete slab is often a major contributor to foundation problems.


  • Improper drainage will lead to excess moisture build up around and under the foundation’s perimeter, which could erode or consolidate soils. Excessive moisture may cause upheaval.

Bell Bottom Piers provide greater strength and support because of several reasons, including the use of more concrete and steel rebar.Poor Building Site Preparation

  • The original builder of the home is responsible for all aspects of site preparation prior to construction.  If the builder has failed to properly grade the lot and account for drainage and other factors, then the homeowner may experience unexpected movements of the soil underneath the foundation.

Poor Ground Preparation

  • Cut and fill situations should be properly prepared before a residence or commercial structure is built or it may result in improperly compacted soil beneath the foundation and lead to later soil movement.

Poor Soil Conditions

  • Poor soil, organic components, debris, etc., may cause expansion or consolidation which could lead directly to foundation issues.
  • Texas is notoriously known for droughts. Droughts change the soil’s condition and volume and causes foundation issues across the state.

The cost of your foundation repair will be determined by the severity of many of the factors listed above.

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